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Introduction to Linux

Linux Installation.
Structure of Linux Operating system.
Access the command line and Basic Commands.
Understand and use essential tools for handling files, directories, command-line environments, and OS monitoring.

Introduction to Asterisk

Introduction to IP PBX.
Install an Asterisk box from scratch compiling the source code.
Connect your Asterisk to phone companies using SIP trunks.
Build a complete PBX with IVRs, Voicemail, and Conference Rooms.
Activate music on hold.
Transfer, Capture, and Park call.
Use Asterisk behind NAT in a cloud such as AWS.
Use clients behind NAT.
Learn to develop advanced dial plans.
Generate a CDR in a database.
Introduction to Asterisk ARI. monitoring.

Introduction to SIP

Why is SIP relevant.
Introduction to SIP.
SIP headers and Body.
SIP Call Flow Demo.
SIP packet analysis using sngrep. monitoring.

Introduction to Kamailio

Kamailio Installation.
Trunk Registration in Kamailio.
Build a simple system capable to make calls between phones and a gateway.
Load Balancing between multiple Asterisk.

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