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How to add a Sales Lead

After every call it shows dialog which gives an option to add that number as a lead or to ignore that number, if it’s your personal contact. If its your customer add this as a lead, or if it’s your personal contact , ignore that contact. After making a lead, you can further add details of it.

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What are Missed Inquiries

Inquiries are the missed calls you did not respond yet. It will help you know how many contacts you have to call and these contacts can generate many leads.

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How to use Followups and Notes in LastingSales

In your leads there are options of adding details of the customers as well as you can add followup and notes. You just have to go the notes and followup column and add your desired note and followup details. Your followups would be saved in google calendar.

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How to ignore your Personal Contact

For your personal numbers You can ignore those contacts to avoid showing up on lastingsales data. if it’s your personal contact , ignore that contact. All calls from that number would never show in lastingsales.

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Onboarding your sales team on Lastingsales

This video will cover how to create your Sales Agents Account in LastingSales by filling in few details in the given form.

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How to customize Lastingsales according to your business

Learn how to create additional custom fields for your customer requiremnets, wishes, and other information. You can create text, number, and dropdown field.

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