CRM for Travel Agencies

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Travel Agencies

Running a successful travel agency is not an easy task, especially when you have to arrange personalized trips for every traveller, send out emails, follow up, reserve hotel rooms, book travel tickets and much more. In addition to these, managing all the customer data and keeping track of each call is quite strenuous for those who do it manually.

Manage Workload With 360 View

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Manage Your Workload

LastingSales CRM provides you with ease to manage your workload effectively. You have a 360 view of all the tasks with their mentioned status. Our dashboard helps you make separate pipelines for each trip, so you can do customized planning. It enables you to provide a consistent service to all your travellers. You can also create and manage different travel packages according to the traveller’s demands.

Engage with Online Clients

Most people look up travel agencies online, so it is crucial to maintain your website contact forms and social media presence. LastingSales helps you get form enquiries and details from the website directly to CRM so that all data is in one place. It enables you to contact potential clients promptly and generate leads.

Keeping Up with Tourist Expectations

Travelling trends are ever-changing. So, to fulfil your client requirements, you have to keep up with the latest trends. Lasting Sales CRM allows you to manage each client effectively by saving their contact details, travelling preferences and other relevant information in one place. You do not need to contact them over and over again to confirm these details. You can easily plan and execute stress-free trips when you have all the data in one place.

Monitor Team Performance

Supervising your team performance has never been more manageable. LastingSales dashboard will give you an insight into your team performance, making it easier for you to eradicate any work inconsistencies. You can also schedule and assign various tasks to your team members and monitor their work.

Follow Up With Previous Clients

Having a unified database makes it easier to contact your clients after a trip to get their reviews and suggestions for improvement of your services. It helps refine your work and also build customer loyalty, so they keep coming back to you in future as well. You can also set up activity based or time triggered email follow-ups for your clients using LastingSales CRM. LastingSales CRM will assist you to address issues effectively and better approach customers having issues previously.

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