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At LastingSales, we never hold back in our devotion to our employees, transparency, teamwork, and respect. LastingSales fulfills this commitment, not just to the satisfaction of its clients but also to the happiness of its workers, who find in LastingSales a place where they can grow, inspire, progress, and prosper.

Training and apprenticeships

As a global company, LastingSales offers many opportunities to build your experience and knowledge.
We hire students for apprenticeship and training programs worldwide, into entry-level roles that offer responsibility, autonomy and best-in-class training. Many of our managers and senior heads started their career at LastingSales graduates.

We look for

We encourage our people to view their career as a journey and make the most of the opportunity we offer.
This could be a lateral move to broaden your exposure and deepen your experience, or a promotion with increased responsibilities.
Whichever it is, you’ll need to be flexible and able to take a long-term view. LastingSales is a place to learn, develop and grow to your full potential.