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Provide top-notch customer service, get better sales and marketing automation through real-time analytics, lead enrichment and make data-driven decisions using LastingSales CRM. Are you a SaaS company that wants to generate revenue from sales, drive and nurture leads through automated marketing, overview your consumer summary or provide customer support? Then don't worry. We have got you covered with LastingSales CRM, a single platform with all features combined.

CRM For Saas

What LastingSales Offer to SaaS Businesses?

Acquire and Retain Customers

SaaS businesses frequently deal with their customers online as they are providing software services. Sometimes, it is difficult to acquire customers and retain them due to a lack of interaction with consumers. They may find your software hard to understand, have relevant inquiries, or may want to use advanced versions of your service. You can provide essentially smooth customer support to retain their interest using LastingSales CRM.

360 Degree View of Customer Journey

LastingSales lets you have a 360-degree view of your customer journey with high visibility from the point of contact till after-sales. Their interactions with your business and website get recorded on our dashboard, making it convenient for you to follow up on prospects and generate more leads. Moreover, you do predictive scoring of your leads and analyse deal performance with weighted pipelines.

Ease of Use For SMEs

Trying to replicate CRM capabilities on a large and cumbersome spreadsheet may lead to a lot of complexity and duplication for small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). LatingSales CRM is more user-friendly than spreadsheets and can do much more than store user and contact information by proactively creating scheduled tasks and setting reminders. Our software incorporates website forms and phone calling capabilities, typically with recorded interactions, to analyse and record customer sentiment and gain better insights.

Versatile For All Users

LastingSales provides you with an easy to use CRM software. Your non-technical teams don’t require any long-term pieces of training or technical knowledge to use it. Just send them an invitation, and they are good to go with some practice within a short time.

Interdepartmental Coordination

Use LastingSales CRM data to more efficiently segment demographics, collect and reuse customer information, allowing marketing and customer care teams to significantly improve their services and operations. Our CRM software aids in the coordination of interdepartmental operations by letting you establish and manage sales targets, launch and track email marketing campaigns, and customer opinion on social media.

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