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Carry out an entirely different approach to target marketing by learning about your guest before, during and after their visit with the help of LastingSales integrated CRM. Providing top-quality customer service is a fundamental requirement in the restaurant industry. It greatly relies on building an interactive relationship with your customers and providing them custom services to boost their experiences. If managed properly, these customers will increase your sales through word of mouth marketing and prove to be your greatest asset.

How to Boost Your Customer Experience Using LastingSales CRM?

Faster Reservations

With our CRM system integrated with your contacts, you can make customer reservations faster. You won’t have to check availability and update your system every time there is a new customer. Our cloud-based CRM system with a unified database will automatically do all the things for you.

Smooth Customer Service

Provide smooth customer service by acquiring and evaluating customer data to increase customer engagement and boost sales. Upon contact with a customer, his data instantly pops up on the screen in front of you, making it easier to respond to his enquiries efficiently.

Access Customer Data on All Outlets

You can share customer data at each outlet easily throughout your restaurant chain. You can access guest profiles, update their data across all branches, categorize them according to the number of visits or expenditure per visit. Not only that, but you can also introduce reward points for your regular customers, who can earn them at multiple outlets and redeem them.

Never Miss an Order

LastingSales empowers your business with a distinctive feature of cloud telephony integrated with our CRM. Whenever a customer calls on your main number to order, he will get connected to an available number working behind it. So you’ll never miss an order due to a busy line. Still, if you happen to miss a call, you can readily follow up to prevent missing an order.

Track Customer Preferences

Track your customer preferences tailored to their needs, what they like and order frequently. You can make a separate profile for each customer and keep those records. Introduce a special menu for customers having dietary restrictions, showing your care for them. You can also set up a pipeline for each item in your menu to inspect its popularity among customers and improve them accordingly.

SMS and Email Marketing

With a unified database of all your customers, you can opt for SMS and email marketing with special offers for your previous guests according to their food fondness. Send concise SMS with discount codes or special offers with call-to-action buttons and reservation links. Similarly, you email promo codes to your regular customers if they don’t show up at your restaurant for some time to regain their interest in your service.

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