Real Estate - LastingSales

How LastingSales helps Real Estates to close deals more quickly?

From creating deals to assigning them to your sales team

Lead Consolidation
in Sales Pipeline

Create multiple Real Estate Pipelines and Consolidate all your leads coming from different marketing channels including Facebook Ads, Calls, Website, Forms and Spreadsheet.

Customer View
That Real Estate Agents Love.

Have a complete 360° view of each customer and their interactions with your sales team.

  • Conversation between sales team
  • Calls, Notes and Follow ups
  • File Attachments

How LastingSales CRM helps Real Estate business to close more deals quickly!

Your Sales Leads should not slip through CRACKS

Contact Lists

You can create or import contacts on LastingSales to create deals and notes on them for followups and then can set reminders.

Sales Pipeline

Stages according to your business sales funnel can be created dynamically. You can analyse your team performance that how much real estate deals are in won or lost stage.

Notes & Follow ups

LastingSales helps your team to make notes on each real estate customer and set reminders for follw ups so that no deal remains untouched.

Teams & Collaborations

Admin can assign contacts and deals to the team and can analyse its performance and productivity. So no more need to manage clients on spreadsheets.

Sales Calls

We help our clients to integrate their calls with LastingSales, if they provide us the api's of their mobile operator. Call logs and recordings will be shown in the contact profile.


You can integrate your Facebook lead ads and website contact forms to get leads in LastingSales. Otherthan this, you can create LastingSales Forms to capture leads from WhatsApp and SMS Campaigns.

Create Multiple Piplelines
Customizable Pipeline Stages & Dynamic Fields

Now Real Estate Agents can create multiple pipelines according to the property type like houses or land. Not only this, they can also create their own stages and can create dynamic fileds sepeartely in every pipeline.