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Real Estates

Streamline your real estate deals with a simple yet effective CRM by LastingSales and stand out in today's challenging real estate market. The real estate business demands a significant amount of time on the road and away from your workplace. It makes it extremely difficult to manage all the property and customer details efficiently. LastingSales helps real estate agents to keep a proper record of each property and its respective customers.

Sales Funnel

LastingSales enables you to manage an enormous amount of property details and customer data using a sales funnel. You can easily categorize each prospect by their budget, interaction timeline, engagement with your business, or even their postcode. Furthermore, each property can have an individual sales funnel to organize and streamline its dealing process effectively.

What Can LastingSales Do For You?

Accurately Forecast Revenues

Using the LastingSales dashboard, you can segment high-value deals and can accurately forecast revenues of all types of properties. You can compare and analyse your commissions and selling fees in one place to keep track of your profit every time you make a deal.

Master Key Metrics

LastingSales CRM gives you real-time insight into business-critical metrics into a single dashboard to identify bottlenecks and improve performance. It can help you track lead generation and conversion rate through visually appealing charts and reports. You will get to know trending places, which community is more interested in property deals these days and allows you to hit the revenue target.

Contact Repositories

Having your customer contacts integrated with LastingSales CRM allows you to have unified prospects from all sources. You wouldn't have to look up different places to follow up with various customers because all information is in your contact repository. Moreover, you can add notes and files relevant to each customer to have all the details in one place for future reference.

Schedule Follow-Ups

With our automated call tracking system, you can easily schedule follow-ups with prospects. Our IVR system will notify the customer to contact you at a particular time due to your unavailability. Also, customer details get recorded on the LastingSales dashboard, so your team can contact them to generate leads. Moreover, your dashboard receives all the lead generation forms from your website for quick follow-ups.

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