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Law Firms

With efficient and structured practices, you can strengthen relationships with existing and prospective new clients. Our sophisticated legal CRM software ensures that no customer, connection, or prospect to flourish, slips between the gaps.

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How LastingSales CRM Benefits Your Law Firm?

Administrative Help

LastingSales Legal Client Relationship Management software assists law firms in business administration and development activities, like client acquisition, planning and follow-up, profit monitoring, and much more. In a nutshell, our legal CRM software covers the process of client reception to the conversion of prospective clients into loyal ones.

Centralize Client Data

To remain viable in the current marketplace, law firms must collect data and keep information in a centralized source for all aspects of company growth and customer support within the firm. With LastingSales CRM, you can conveniently integrate calls and other data sources to provide seamless services to your clients. 

Web Form Builder

We provide you with ease of creating web forms according to your requirements. These forms directly linked to LastingSales CRM collects all the data there and generate leads. You can also upload spreadsheets to migrate data from them.

Case Customized Pipeline

Categorize cases according to their priority, create an easy-to-use CRM pipeline for both you and your clients, comprising tailor-made online intake forms, quick documentation, and e-signatures. Identify your high-value clients. Assess the number and value of new clients coming in, categorized by practice area.

Target Marketing

Determine how clients are finding your company so that you may direct your marketing efforts accordingly. Analyse who recommended new clients to your company and how many of their referrals turned into retained clients. Moreover, focus your efforts on improving those areas where you lag in marketing campaigns.

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Effective Collaboration

With the client details sorted out in one place, effectively collaborate with other advocates and law firms and never lose a case. Keep your team in the loop and share data of any case easily with various departments of your firm for smooth working and other functionalities.

Cut down Manual Tasks

The most valuable asset in a legal business is time. You have to stay on top of some vital but tedious chores, in addition to following up with prospects and dealing with current cases. In this hustle of work, you could forget to do one of those duties. However, we can assist you in creating follow-up sequences, generating invoices, shift won deals from the deal pipeline to the case pipeline. Furthermore, we can send your clients notifications about future court dates and essential paperwork.

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