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Health Care

People are more informed than ever about their health issues today due to the internet, making the healthcare businesses very competitive. Patients expect their medical staff to respond promptly and provide immediate health services. If they don’t, patients can easily opt for other doctors or hospitals. An effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM), also known as Patient Relationship Management (PRM) in the healthcare field, can enhance your services.

CRM For HealthCare

Benefits of LastingSales CRM in the Healthcare Industry

Consolidated Patient Data

An advantage of using LastingSales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the effective integration of patient records. Whether you have a new patient coming in or want to check the details of a previous one, you can do so easily by using our CRM service. Due to data consolidation, you can effectively track all the contact records, changes in schedules, appointments, or even patient history without overwhelming your staff. Now you don’t have to worry about any scut work as all the routine tasks will be automated. You can now focus on providing better healthcare services to your patients.

Never Miss an Appointment

Mostly Small and Medium Enterprises do advertise on Social Platforms and Marketplaces to generate leads but they do not pay attention to customers retention. According to research its 7 times easier to upsell a product to your happy customer. Using LastingSales you can consolidate your leads from all channels and can upsell them with a better understanding of their needs and likings. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Perspiciatis ratione voluptatem asperiores veniam placeat! Voluptate, repudiandae. Est tempora officia assumenda, magni obcaecati beatae?

Task Management

Hospital staff have an enormous amount of work daily. Managing all of that manually without a proper schedule might sometimes be impossible. Our CRM not only outlines task information but also schedules and evaluates them from beginning to end. It can help keep a statistical record of each patient and effectively provide it to doctors when needed. Additionally, all the tasks, which involve a specific sequence of actions, can be automated with a CRM.

Multiple Pipelines

LastingSales CRM service allows you to create multiple pipelines for different purposes. For example, an individual pipeline for each patient undergoing a medical procedure to monitor their treatment. Additionally, doctors can add patient notes at each step for their convenience. It also enables them to properly evaluate and monitor the patient’s responses to the treatment and even have instant visibility to their medical bills.

Provide Customized Services

You can use the contact information saved in our CRM database to email personalized newsletters and articles related to a patient's disease to increase their awareness. It greatly helps you to serve the exact information at the right time to your patients. When they get customized medical alerts, they feel more connected to your services and contact you immediately in future for any consultation. You can also filter out the list of patients who may be interested in special offers, take part in research procedures or donations.

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