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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Quick Guide to LastingSales

Yes, we offer a 14 days trial period with all features.

It is monthly $12 and annually $108. We are giving a discount of $36 for the annual package.

20 sales reps can use it for just $12 and if you have 20-40 users then your package will be doubled and it will be $24, the same formula goes for the annual package.

Yes, we do have integration of both and it will just take less than 5 minutes to set up.

Not yet.

Not yet, they can only perform these tasks from a mobile app.

Currently, it is available for Android users only and the IOS app will be launched within 2 months, you can use our desktop version.

Yes, your data is always saved on our cloud servers, and it's all encrypted.

Yes, you can create your custom fields and sales pipelines according to your industry and it's very easy.

Yes why not, you can also export your data and run Facebook and Email and SMS campaigns on it.

It’s a very simple product, you will get trained in 15 minutes from our Zoom session or a Loom video.

Yes if it's appropriate, we will surely add it.

Yes, we do have web forms same as Google forms, once someone submits it, a lead will arrive in LastingSales.

No sorry, the internet is a must, because we have to sync data online.

Yes, you can attach any type of document in the deal.

Yes of course
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