CRM for Digital Agencies

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Digital Agencies

A productive digital marketing campaign relies heavily on Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It’s the core that gives every product or initiative a solid foundation for marketing and sales. LastingSales CRM lets you handle customer profiles, interactions, and anything else that has to do with your clients’ needs and contentment.

Why Use LastingSales CRM for Your Digital Agency?

Hustle Free Project Management

Ensuring efficient interactions with individual clients while administering each client’s projects from sending bids to completing tasks can be challenging for a growing firm. When your data, networking, and work plans get dispersed over multiple programmes and channels, it’s not going to help. You might wind up with unfinished projects and forgotten clients if you get too caught up in the hustle. Let us help save your firm from all this chaos with our simple to use CRM service.

Personalized Sales Pipelines

The LastingSales CRM application provides real-time visibility into the sales pipeline. A comprehensive reporting dashboard displays data on sales productivity and individual performance. With automatic tracking, you can develop and organize your own sales pipelines. The pipelines will show you where the customer engagement progresses and where it terminates.

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Collaborative Workspace

LastingSales CRM isn’t simply a tool to help you handle your deals; it’s a lot more. You can work on all the deals through a collaborative effort. Sometimes, deals have to be managed by many teammates at a digital marketing agency, whether they are in sales or marketing. Collaborative working is easier with smart tools like inviting followers to each deal in LastingSales CRM. Any member with deal access can respond to a current deal. Any available salesperson can respond to the chat when the prospect responds, so he does not have to wait.

Follow-ups with Insight

The most important feature of this data collecting service is that it allows you to follow up on potential leads, resulting in fewer lost sales. Your sales staff will get reminded of who and when they need to contact. When a team member makes a follow-up, they will be aware of the past attempts due to the consolidated data in our CRM and will know how to respond.

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