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Impact of Digital Marketing on Auto Sales

The consumer's journey in the automotive industry is one of the most complex ones due to their evolving needs. Even though vehicles are either purchased at dealerships or through an intermediary where additional costs are required, the purchase decisions occur online before that.
As per stats, 95% of automobile buyers use the internet to gain information before buying any vehicle. The other 5% already know what they want and where they want it from. 6 out of 10, buyers when they begin their research, are unsure regarding different models and options available and turn to the internet for help. Digital marketing can place your brand in the lead and create awareness of your presence to grasp new clients and potential customers.

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  • Am I targeting the right audience?
  • Is my dealership messaging on point?
  • Do I have the right brand voice?
  • Am I using the right platforms for my dealership?
  • What does my target audience think of my brand?
  • Are my customers loyal to my dealership?

If you have ever found yourself asking any of the above questions – you have come to the right place. It's time for you to make a lasting impression on your customers so that your dealership is the talk of the town!

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Most dealerships lose sales because they do not keep customer satisfaction and trust as their top priority. Ever thought of how many customers you lose because they decide to check your competition the next time around? With so much noise out there, how do you ensure that your customers keep coming back? The answer is – Own your customer. Once they become your customer, deliver them quality after-sales service to ensure their continued loyalty and best reviews for you!
LastingSales helps you do all that and much more!
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Why Lasting Sales?

The LastingSales is delivering Inbound Marketing consulting along with Marketing Cloud solutions. It consolidates leads from different marketing channels and helps marketers to measure the ROI of their digital campaigns. Our specialized services for car dealerships include a comprehensive arsenal of 10+ different types of audits coupled with 100+ KPIs which will help us analyze your dealership sales cycle, identify bottlenecks and create an optimization roadmap that will help accelerate your dealership growth.
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