CRM for Beauty Salon

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Beauty Salons

LastingSales CRM system is an all-in-one solution for branding, sales, and analytics. We provide a variety of powerful tools to assist you in handling all the operations of your salon, from booking appointments and notifying, to client feedback after their visit.

Make The Most of Your Salons Business With LastingSales

Know Your Clientele

Having a CRM makes it simple to know your clients and meet their expectations by

  • what pampering services they prefer, and their average expenditure. 
  • Categorizing this data to better focus on your promotional efforts to attract more people that meet the profile of your most loyal and lucrative visitors. 
  • Offering special loyalty packages to keep the interest of people regularly visiting your salon.
Oversee Your Stylists Performance

Maintain a pipeline for each of your stylists’ performance to check

  • How many clients do they serve this month 
  • What services they offered
  • How many satisfied customers they have

Reward those who outperformed themselves, and encourage those who were unable to meet expectations this time to maintain a consistent workflow.

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Convenient To Use

LastingSales CRM is specially designed for all kinds of people to use in small and medium-sized enterprises. You don’t need to understand the complexities of a usual CRM system to get up and running. Whether you have a technical background or not, learn it effortlessly and manage your salon efficiently.

Effective Follow-Ups

Get a 360-degree view of your customer records, contact information, last visit and preferences. Schedule appointments and send timely reminders to your clients to reduce the number of no shows by effective follow-ups. With integrated call records, all data will be consolidated in one place, saving your time and efforts to utilize for better purposes.

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