CRM for Accountancy Firms

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Accountancy Firms

LastingSales cloud solutions empower accountants and revolutionize the accounting industry by storing and retrieving data over the internet rather than on traditional storage devices.

What LastingSales Do for Your Accountancy Firm?

Potent Communication Threads

Retain a communication thread for every customer each time they contact you using LastingSales CRM. Have a solid conversation record to which you can always return when something is in doubt. Your official line will maintain everything in one place. Personalize different templates through text or email to save time delivering the same message repeatedly.

Automate Mundane Tasks

LastingSales CRM for accountants helps your firm focus on saving time & expenses that could be invested elsewhere. With all the activities you have to perform daily to manage your clients, our CRM simplifies most of the effort, enabling you to emphasize better solutions for your clients.

what lastingsales do for your accountancy firm-industries/accountancy firm
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What Other Benefits do We Offer?

As an accountant, LastingSales can assist you in 

  • Organizing records such as tax history, email communication, consultation, and appointment schedules.
  • A smooth induction procedure as you take on a new customer
  • Ensuring that your clients understand their liabilities and are aware of any limitations. 
  • Removing every uncertainty, making you appear more professional and structured in their perspective.
  • Creating and implementing a simplified registration process to guarantee that all of your clients receive the same information.
  • Keeping an uncluttered view of your clients’ transactional records in order to provide stable and uniform accounting solutions

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