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Are you tired of Consolidating, Distributing and Following up on Real Estate Leads?

Fine-Tuned for the Lead Management Challenges faced by Realtors - Top Rated CRM in Real Estate!

Are You Facing These Painful Lead Management Problems in Real Estate?

Unable to consolidate Leads coming from Multiple Channels?

Consolidating leads from multiple channels is a major challenge for businesses now. LastingSales simplifies the process by consolidating all leads in one place, making it easy for sales reps to track and manage them from a single platform. This ensures that no leads fall through the cracks and that sales reps can work more efficiently.

Tired of Manually Distributing Leads to your Sales Team?

Distributing leads can be a challenge, leading to lost leads and wasted time. LastingSales streamlines this process by selecting the leads quickly and assigning them to the sales reps based on their performance. This ensures that each sales rep is working on the most relevant leads and that no leads are neglected.

Struggling to Keep Track of Follow-ups?

Effective follow-up is critical for closing leads, but it can be challenging to stay on top of every lead. LastingSales simplifies the process by tracking follow-ups and creating notes on each lead. This ensures that sales reps can see what needs to be done and when, and that no leads fall through the cracks.

Feeling helpless of Messy Data Management on Sheets?

LastingSales' custom fields feature provides an easy solution for organizing and accessing important information about each lead. By allowing businesses to create data fields specific to their industry, LastingSales streamlines data management, making it easier for sales reps to access and use relevant data when interacting with leads.

Ready To Solve These Crucial Pain Points In Your Real Estate Lead Management Process?

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LastingSales Top Benefits - Simplest Real Estate CRM!

Whether you work with land or residential, commercial or industrial properties, LastingSales saves you time and increases revenue by keeping track of your deals on the go.

Lead Profile
That Realtors Love.

Have a complete 360° view of each lead and its interactions with your sales team.

  • Conversation between Sales Rep
  • Calls, Notes and Follow-ups
  • No of Deals
  • Custom Data Fields
Create Multiple Piplelines
Customizable Pipeline Stages & Dynamic Fields

Now Real Estate Agents can create multiple pipelines according to the property type like houses or land. Not only this, they can also create their own stages and can create dynamic fileds sepeartely in every pipeline.

Simplest Real Estate Mobile CRM

Happy Client's

"LastingSales makes it easy for us to quickly contact our Facebook leads by sending alerts to us as soon as someone fills the lead form on Facebook, and i can easily assign the leads to my sales team from my mobile. Now our sales team contacts the lead right after 2-3 minutes."

- Mian Ahmad WamiqCEO Urbanscape

"I highly recommend LastingSales to anyone who wants to manage their leads easily. We have created our custom fields, our sales person fills them even if they are on the go. No need for laptop. Excel was very complex now thank God there are very less errors and most important there are no privacy issues."

- Rana Umair Marketing Manager, ZK Properties

"Downloading leads from Fb was very hectic, now after integration with it, we instantly get leads on our mobile and can assign them to my sales team instantly. Before this i used to open ads manager thrice a day, and then used to copy paste leads on sheets and text every person to check.

- Sohail Innovative DXB Properties

1. Automatic lead notifications from Facebook and the website.
2. Simplified lead distribution, eliminating the need for manual copying of leads from different sources and pasting them into Google Sheets.
3. All-in-one follow-up reminders, replacing the reliance on notebooks or memory.
4. Easy calling and WhatsApp messaging through the mobile app, removing the requirement to save numbers in the phonebook.
5. All lead notes are now saved in one place, rather than being scattered across different WhatsApp groups and notebooks.
6. Customised sales pipeline that provides clear visibility into the number of deals won or lost at each stage.
7. Automatically receiving summary emails instead of asking the team to fill out Google Sheets manually on a daily basis.

1. Sales growth: Real estate CRM helps you eliminate lead leakage, missed follow-ups, duplicates, errors, miscommunication, and time wastage... basically all the things that stand between you and business growth.
2. Centralized data: Real estate CRM helps you integrate all the different sources of your leads - Facebook Leads, website forms, Google ads, old excel sheets, and leads from other platforms, etc. and manage all your data and sales workflow from one place. Also, you can easily score leads, and add them to labels, so that you can segment and find important leads with just a few clicks.
3. Better teamwork: CRM comes with notes saving and followup reminders mechanism, that help your team members become faster and more productive. It also helps you to track and reward high-performers, and train & improve the people who are lagging.
4. Peace of mind for business owners and managers: CRM helps you to automatically monitor team members and make sure they are doing their work properly without watching them all the time. It also helps you keep a log of all the conversations so that you are never clueless when some miscommunication or emergency happens.
5. Better automatic reports: CRM automatically generates real-time actionable reports that help you understand in one glance, which sales agents are doing well, which ones need improvement, also exactly what needs to be improved.
6. Complete control of your data and workflows: CRM puts the control back into your hands. You can edit simple settings to control who can view, edit, or act on which leads, what actions can they perform, what reports and filters they can access, etc. Making sure that only you have complete control of your data and business.

Yes, you can import your real estate data from excel directly into LastingSales. Also, you can customize the CRM with custom fields for real estate data like project name, area, house/commercial, expected closure, lead type, etc., or any other fields as needed for your business.

Yes, we do have integration of both and it will just take less than 5 minutes to set up.

Yes, there is no need to save numbers in phone book. Just tap on call or WhatsApp icon on LastingSales mobile application.

Yes, your data is always saved on our cloud servers, and it's all encrypted.

Yes, you can create your custom fields and sales pipelines according to your project/area wise and it's very easy.

It’s a very simple product, you will get trained in 15 minutes from our Zoom session or a Loom video.

For this we offer web forms same as Google forms, you can share its link in WhatsApp Greeting Message, SMS Campaign and Facebook Comments to capture leads.

Yes of course

Our Pricing Plans

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Monthly Plan

Billed Monthly (USD)

$ 12 /mo
  • Unlimited Leads & Deals
  • Unlimited Sales Pipelines & Stages
  • Unlimited Customized Columns
  • Unlimited Notes & Follow Ups Reminders
  • Unlimited File Attachments
  • Facebook Lead Ads Integration
  • Website Forms Integration
  • Import from Microsoft Excel
  • Web Forms for WhatsApp & SMS
  • Calls Integration through API's
  • 20 Users
Annual Plan

Billed Annually (108.00 USD)

$ 9 /mo - Save $3 Every Month
  • Unlimited Leads & Deals
  • Unlimited Sales Pipelines & Stages
  • Unlimited Customized Columns
  • Unlimited Notes & Follow Ups Reminders
  • Unlimited File Attachments
  • Facebook Lead Ads Integration
  • Website Forms Integration
  • Import from Microsoft Excel
  • Web Forms for WhatsApp & SMS
  • Calls Integration through API's
  • 20 Users
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