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    Grow · Sell · Engage

    How LastingSales CRM helps you to grow your business?

    Sell to the right customer at right time with right message
    See the complete 360° view of your customer to understand his intent and close the sales faster.
    Do Effective Digital Marketing

    Having the limitation of budgets and teams, do the most effective digital marketing and don’t let leads slip through the cracks.

    Reduce IT complications & costs with a simple solution

    Keep your teams happy with a simple and easy-to-use solution. Increase their adoption and boost their morale.

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      Brand Audit

      Your Sales Leads should not slip through CRACKS

      Confused about digital marketing of your business?

      If you are having plenty of suggestions and advice for your business’s digital transformation and are unable to decide the way forward then…
      This is where we come in. Let us do the thorough assessments and share a detailed report with you for your:

      • Digital presence of Business
      • Client’s experience
      • Sales & Marketing Team performance

      Lasting Sales

      Brand Audit
      Confused about digital marketing of your business?

      LastingSales CRM

      Consolidate all your leads coming from different marketing channels including calls, websites, and social platforms.
      Evaluate that how many leads are generated from each channel and strategize future campaigns accordingly.
      Have complete visibility of your sales pipeline and prioritize the hot deals accordingly.
      Have a complete 360° view of each customer and their interactions with your sales team.
      Call center solution can be integrated to see complete conversation history with the customer.
      Custom forms for lead generation or advertisements for your marketing campaigns.

      Own Your Customer

      Many small and medium enterprises advertise on social platforms and marketplaces to generate leads, but they overlook customer retention. According to research, it’s seven times easier to upsell a product to your happy customer. Using LastingSales, you can consolidate your leads from all channels and upsell them with a better understanding of  their needs and likes.

      Know Your Customer

      Bulk Emails or messages are not very effective these days. Instead, you need to shortlist customers who can afford your product, need your product, and you can deliver or serve them. You can sell the right product at the right time to the right customer using LastingSales Analytics tools.

      Try LastingSales CRM for Free

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